What is DJ Trivia?

One thing is for sure… This is about good times, making memories, and maybe, just maybe, learning some useful (and sometimes useless) knowledge in the process.

DJ Trivia was created as an outlet to let your hair down at the end of the day and unwind for a little while, that is if you have any hair. We believe in the great American tradition of ingenuity, family, friends and getting together to have some fun. Add in the nation’s best trivia game and we’ve got a true winner!

What makes us so unique? In a nutshell… You! From day one, DJ Trivia was created to maximize player fun through an interactive and live trivia experience. Through the years, we’ve refined the game using player and venue feedback from across the nation. Fancy business people call that market/customer research and product enhancement. We simply say we know what works, and what doesn’t, based on the loads of smiling faces we see each and every week.

Unless we decide to exaggerate, other reasons you’ll love DJ Trivia include:

  • Great trivia categories
  • Prizes because we love you
  • Fun for various ages
  • Original trivia content
  • Interactive league play
  • Did we mention prizes?
  • Fun DJ Trivia hosts


DJ Trivia is 4 rounds of 4 Questions, with a Double Down Question between rounds.

Regular Round Questions

Regular Round Questions are RISK FREE meaning there is no penalty for a wrong answer.

  1. Round 1 Questions are worth 5 points and are Multiple Choice
  2. Round 2 Questions are worth 10 points and are Multiple Choice
  3. Round 3 Questions are worth 20 points and are Multiple Choice
  4. Round 4 Questions are worth 40 points and are Fill-In-The-Blank

Double Down Dare

After Rounds 1, 2 and 3 is a Double Down Dare question.  The Double Down Dare is fill-in-the-blank.

  • Answer Correct – Double your entire score!
  • Answer Wrong – Lose your points from the Round
  • No-Answer – No change

Do or Die Dare

After Round 4 is the Do or Die Dare question, which is also fill-in-the-blank.  This question can turn paupers into kings, and bring empires to their knees.

  • Answer Correct – Double your entire score!
  • Answer Wrong – Lose every single freakin point!
  • No-Answer – No pain, no gain, no glory…

The Rules

#1 Have Fun

If you don’t come to DJ Trivia prepared to enjoy yourself, we suggest you recheck yourself at the door. Life is serious enough without inviting another tightwad. We suggest the following: Tickle yourself, laugh once in a while or hey… play DJ Trivia!

#2 On-Time

Arrival Listen up McFly! We’re here to have fun but we gotta keep this show on the road. Therefore, all answers must be submitted BEFORE the timer reaches :01 to count. Got it? Slacker!

#3 You May Not Change Your Answer

That’s why there’s no eraser on our quality #2 pencils.

#4 Be Patient

Your DJ Trivia host with the most does not know the answer; only Hal the optimized intelligent artificial being knows all. Even if your host did know the answer they would tell your truth like a politician.

#5 Don’t Fold Your Answer Slip

Since the beginning of time it has been know that the rare bread of DJ Trivia host has a tremendous fear of origami. Fold at your own risk of humiliation.

#6 Please Circle Thy Multiple Choice

We’ve seen them, random trivia slips doodled beyond repair and left for the trivia host to decipher. Instead of decoding these ramblings they seem to get lost to the likes of stray dryer socks. The only solution we’ve found is to properly fill-in your trivia slip. Thank you for your support!

#7 Communication To The Outside

No phones, no facebook, no text, no computing. No books no nooks, no study materials. Respect thy neighboring team & play right or encounter the wrath of the DJ Trivia knight. Avoid penalty, please see your host if you must use your phone.

#8 Only One Bonus May Be Used

Only one bonus (facebook, Twiiter, email or other) may be used per game unless the bonus specifies otherwise. No bonuses of any kind are allowed during playoffs or championships.

#9 Oops, My Bad

Yes, we may goof up every now and then. If we do we’ll do our best to correct the situation within our means. If you insist on yelling about it, just know we put the error there on purpose to see you act like a 4 year old in public. Thus, we created Rule #10…

#10 The Final Say

The DJ Trivia host has the final say in all matters and will deduct 40 points or disqualify your team if any team member is not here to have fun. Please see rule #1.

#11 0 Points = 0 Prize

If you or your team loses all of your points, no soup for you!

There’s a new game in town!

DJ Trivia launches in the Quad Cities in November 2016. Check back for show details and locations!